Ready4School Innovating Education for Autism in Early Childhood

The main goal of the Ready4School project is to increase the quality of special and inclusive preschool programs for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and facilitate improved transitions from preschool to primary education. The project aims to achieve these goals by developing, testing, and publishing an innovative assessment and programming educational kit for preschool teachers working with children with ASD. Pilot testing will be done by training three trainers per country on the developed materials who will then train a minimum of five teachers in their countries. Resultantly, the concrete outcomes of the project will be an innovative and effective educational kit based on the principles of ABA and adapted to be easily implemented by educators without formal ABA training. To further promote accessibility, the developmental assessment with school readiness checkpoints/assessment tool based on the preschool teaching curriculum, detailed lesson plans following the teaching curriculum, and data sheets for successful monitoring and evaluation of progress will be made digitally available.

Work Packages

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