Teaching School Readiness Through an ABA-based Preschool Programme

Preschool Education Improvement for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder!

About us

The Ready4School project enhances preschool for children with ASD through an educational kit for teachers, promoting smoother transitions to primary education and accessible digital resources.

Work Packages

School readiness Educational Kit for preschool teachers
School readiness skills Assessment and mobile application
Train-the-trainer activity and local teacher training

“If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn” ― O. Ivar Lovaas

Partnership of the project


ViModo is an educational organization working in the areas of education and training, research and innovation, sustainable development and social change. As a response to social, educational and environmental challenges, their mission is to promote innovation, and enhance social change through a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary approach, developing and implementing research, educational and technological projects.

Sina Svetulka 🇲🇰

Blue Firefly (Sina Svetulka) is an organization founded in Skopje on 28.02.2017, dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with autism and their families through education, direct support, and raising awareness.

Masaryk University 🇨🇿

Masaryk University's Institute for Research in Inclusive Education focuses on inclusive education research, supporting young and doctoral researchers in special education, and bridging theory with practice to enhance conditions for individuals with special needs.

Centar za Autizam 🇭🇷

The Centar za Autizam (CZA) is an GO based in Zagreb, Croatia, which provides a range of educational, vocational and social services to autistic individuals, those with learning disabilities and their families. CZA is committed to meeting the needs of these individuals and their families, addressing their education and emotional welfare and wellbeing.

Innovation Hive 🇬🇷

Innovation Hive is a Greek non-profit focused on research and innovation to bolster economic and social cohesion in Europe. It aims to address innovation challenges for societal growth and impact, using co-creation and a quadruple helix approach to link businesses, academia, and civic actors.

Odessa Regional Academy of In-Service Education 🇺🇦

Odessa Regional Academy of In-Service Education is a multidisciplinary educational and scientific-methodological institution. The purpose of the Academy is to promote the sustainable development of human capital as a strategy for sustainability, restoration and growth of the intellectual, innovative and socio-cultural potential of the Odesa region in the war and post-war period.

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